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    We visited one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and it was LIT!

    We visited one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and it was LIT!


    Last year, I read an article online about the most beautiful libraries in the world and was quite surprised to find the San Diego Central Library in the list. We’ve been spending our annual vacation in San Diego for the past 5 years where my eldest son moved with his wife and daughter and we never thought to visit the SDCL until I read the article. And so we did one fine spring day. We were kicking ourselves crazy when we got there. It was truly beautiful. Our photos do not do it justice, but you’ll get a picture (pun alert!). If ever you go by way of San Diego, do visit SDCL, you will love it.

    This cool video wall greeted us as we got out of the lift.

    Dr. Seuss was a native of San Diego and the Children's Section is totally dedicated to all things Dr. Seuss. How adorable is that?


    This is the super cozy Teen Section and there were kids hanging out and having a good time. Yep you read it right, KIDS.HANGING.OUT.AT.THE.LIBRARY.AND.HAVING.A.GOOD.TIME. Hah! What other library can lay claim to such bragging rights?

    Maybe one that has a vendo machine for soda and chips and other reading necessities? Added incentive even for non-kids to hang out.

    Checkout is a breeze with fully automated kiosks. Note that stack of manga our junior bibliophile got.

    There are reading/study nooks all over the library.



    We also loved the random features and exhibits all around the library. 

    The 8th floor houses the IDEA Lab, a multimedia lab that is designed to prepare teens for 21st century job skills by exposing them to new technology. Here, kids have access to the latest programs and software which they can use on projects they are working on. There's a 3D printer, cutting machines even sewing machines. All they have to do is fill up a questionnaire and present their library cards.

    On the 9th floor (yep, you better believe it, the SDCL is a 9 story bookworm fantasyland), you will find the Hervey Family Rare Book Room which includes the world's smallest book! 

    What else can you ask for? Wait, let me see, a sculpture garden? They have it. An art gallery? It's also on the 9th floor. A garden courtyard? Check. A cafe? Check. An awesome gift shop? Check. How about a giant chess board? What is I say they have one too?

    And the view outside is every bit as spectacular as the inside.

    The SDCL is located at 330 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101 (Downtown East Village, Park Boulevard at 11thAvenue, near Petco Park.


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