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    The Top Bookstagram Accounts You Need to Follow

    The Top Bookstagram Accounts You Need to Follow

    If you are a bibliophile and on Instagram, you NEED to follow these accounts, if you haven't yet. They are the superstars of #bookstagram.  Mind you, this list is in no particular order. They are all equally amazing! Check out their feeds and see if you don’t agree with me.


    1. @foldedpagesdistillery- Hikari has mastered, but is not limited to, the art of flatlay. Just look at her extremely satisfying photos. 

    2. @ursulauriarte - Whenever I look at Ursula’s feed I am instantly calm and serene. It is cozy, gorgeous and elegant. Don’t you think so too?

    3. @lisa_lostinlit - One look at Lisa’s feed and you know this person is the sweetest. It’s romantic and lovely and so feminine. I fell in love at once.

    4. @_halfbl00dprincess - Another flatlay master is Andie. If you don’t think her feed is adorable (doubly so whenever her little kiddo makes an appearance), there’s something seriously wrong with you, your eyes or your aesthetic.

    5. @kath_reads - First thing that hits you is the light. It is so refreshing, Kath’s photography is so sleek yet not harsh. It’s minimalist without being stark. It’s the perfect balance of light and dark and color. 

    6. @taylorreads - Taylor captures the beauty of Colorado in her amazing photography. I also look forward to her ever changing hair color. She’s been through purple, red, platinum, lavender and more and she ALWAYS looks so lovely.

    7. @ziba.reads - Ziba’s feed has everything, flatlay, whimsy, perfect lighting, and beautiful books. What more can you ask for?

    8. @crimeofrhyme - Alison’s lighting is perfection I tell you. I simply love her palette of creams and beiges and ivories and ecrus.

    9. @bookotter - Liza is another photographer that captures light, color, whimsy, fantasy and romance in every post. In short, everything I love!

    10. @paperfury - Cait’s feed is a floral explosion! It evokes rainbows and spring and is perfect for the flower crazy folk like me!

    11. @myfriendsarefiction - Whenever I browse this feed, I’m instantly put in a romantic mood. The flowers and lighting never fails.

    12. @madamereadsalot - Michelle is one cute madame and so is her feed! She’s a cat lady who has an infinite number of Funkos and cats (duh!) who frequently make cameos on her photos.

    13. @seelieknight - Viktoria’s bio describes her as an amateur photographer but there’s definitely nothing amateur about her photos. Her feed is fantasy, mystery  and romance all in one. Gorgeous!

    14. @readsleepfangirl - Fiderly’s feed is also dream fantasy themed. I look forward to her romantic selfies, so beautiful!

    Now these are just SOME of my favorites, check out #bookstagram and pick your own. I promise you’ll have the hardest time! These bookworm cum photographers are super talented, and for people like me who are hopeless with a camera but crazy for books, their Instagram feeds will awe, amuse, satisfy, inspire and soothe. Oh yes, all the FEELS! Life is LIT!

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