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It’s been exactly 16 days since we launched our website and we’re still half in a daze (from lack of sleep) and half in giddy excitement. Well, we’d better believe it, WE DID IT, WE FINALLY DID IT! Although we wouldn’t recommend setting up and launching your website in 8 days flat, we couldn’t help but feel pretty proud of ourselves. 
Now our shop is open to virtually every bookworm on the planet. And we are adding new book stuff (literally), oh the puns, the never-ending puns, we digress…as we were saying, we are adding new ITEMS (to end the puns) everyday. 
As a welcome treat, we are giving away your choice of a Deathly Hallows, Alice in Wonderland or Mockingjay Necklace for every book jewelry purchase for the first 50 customers or while supplies last. We are also offering our book necklaces at USD15, a whopping 25% off, since one of the perks of having our own site is lesser fees. Shipping charges are also lower, and, now we accept all major credit cards too!
So do come in and browse our shelves. (Now that pun, totally wasn't intended!)